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Working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance from Step 4

These guides cover a range of different types of work. You may need to use more than one of these guides as you think through what you need to do to keep people safe.

Guidance for people working in, visiting or delivering to other people’s homes can now be found in the relevant guides below.

There is different guidance for:

Step 4 – from 19 July

This guidance reflects the measures you should follow at Step 4 of the roadmap. It’s been published so that you can use it to inform your planning and business operations from 19 July onwards.

Step 3 restrictions remain in place until 19 July. Follow the current guidance on what you can and cannot do.

A new COVID-19 variant is spreading in some parts of England. There may be additional advice for your area. Find out what you need to do.

  1. Step 4 overviewFind out what will change and what you should do to protect yourself and others.
  2. Construction and other outdoor workGuidance for people who work in or run outdoor working environments.
  3. Events and attractionsGuidance for people who work in settings related to events and visitor attractions.
  4. Hotels and guest accommodationGuidance for people who work in or run hotels or other guest accommodation
  5. Offices, factories and labsGuidance for people who work in or run offices, factories, plants, warehouses, labs and research facilities and similar indoor environments.
  6. Restaurants, pubs, bars, nightclubs and takeaway servicesGuidance for people who work in or run restaurants, pubs, bars, cafes, nightclubs or takeaways.
  7. Shops, branches, and close contact servicesGuidance for people who work in or run shops, branches, stores or similar environments and for people who provide close contact services, including hairdressers and beauticians.