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Swiss Steel Group is revolutionizing the world of machining with the introduction of UGIMA®-X Martensitic and Duplex

This groundbreaking innovation is a response to increasing customer demand to extend the quality of UGIMA-X® austenitic grades to martensitic and duplex grades.

Swiss Steel Group has introduced several new UGIMA®-X grades at its French subsidiary Ugitech, including UGIMA®-X 4021 and UGIMA®-X 4028 in the family of martensitic steels. These grades offer increased hardness and superior wear resistance.

In addition, UGIMA®-X 4460 from the duplex steel family was introduced, which is known for its easy machinability, although duplex steels have a reputation for being difficult to machine.

The new UGIMA®-X grades are characterized by their reproducible behavior during machining and thus offer higher productivity and optimum adaptability to the various cutting conditions on automatic machines and CNC machines. Thanks to a perfect balance of elements such as sulphur and oxides, these steels ensure optimum chip splitting and a longer service life for cutting tools. This also increases the efficiency of machining.

Traditionally, stainless steels are known for their robustness and strength and their complex machining, which often poses challenges for bar turners. Swiss Steel Group has taken up this challenge in order to simplify the machining process. An innovative product range with improved machinability is the result of this development: UGIMA®. This innovation offers exceptionally good machinability and unsurpassed reproducibility from one batch to the next.

To experience these innovations up close, Swiss Steel Group cordially invites all interested parties to visit its stand K25 in hall B1 at Simodec from March 4 to 8 in La Roche-sur-Foron (France). There, visitors will have the opportunity to share this important advance with the experts from Swiss Steel Group and experience the new UGIMA®-X grades for themselves.

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