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Winners of the Stainless Steel Industry Awards

Best Market Development Award

In this category the jury was looking for highly original concepts that promote bespoke stainless grades, have a significant global market potential and offer strong environmental improvements in terms of preservation of scarce resources and/or reduction of GHGs and/or reduction in lifetime operational and maintenance costs.

Gold Award Acerinox for the ‘Vertical Farming’ concept. Click here.
Silver Award NIPPON STEEL Stainless Steel Corporation for the Liquefied Hydrogen Carrier the “SUISO FRONTIER”
Bronze Award North American Stainless for the Stainless Steel Vehicle Defence Barriers

Best Technology Award

In this Award category the Jury was looking to recognise original concepts that make significant contributions in either the production methods for stainless steels or for the application efficiency of stainless steels in service, in both existing and new applications.

Gold Award POSCO for the High Performance Ferritic Stainless Steel for Large-Scaled Washing Machines and Dryers. Click here.
Silver Award Taiyuan Iron & Steel for the “Hand tearable steel” — Wide ultra-thin stainless steel precision strip
Bronze Award SIJ Acroni for the Technological development of heat and surface treatment on duplex and super duplex stainless steels SINOXX 4462 and SINOXX 4410

Safety Award

For awarding companies in the safety section, the jury looked for practical innovations that reduce the number of safety incidents in the workplace and/or develop transferrable countermeasures to avoid specific injury types and develop both controls and workers skills / cultural mindsets to directly reduce the number of safety incidents.

Gold Award Aperam for the ‘JUST CULTURE’ concept. Click here.
Silver Award Taiyuan Iron & Steel for the Improvement of intrinsic safety level and management standard in coal gas area
Bronze Award Taiyuan Iron & Steel for the Improvement of personnel behaviour standardization by quaternity


Acerinox for the Implementation of an automatic extraction system of lubrication grease from the damping system of the AOD converter movements

Sustainability Award

In this category, the jury was looking for new developments that delivered one or more of the following improvements: a clear reduction in operational emissions (GHGs), a clear reduction in production energy intensity, an improvement in material application efficiency, an investment in new processes and/or products that have a positive environmental impact and the development or enhancement of the company environmental management system.

Gold Award Taiyuan Iron & Steel for the Ecological dual circulation management of TISCO water system. Click here.
Silver Award Acerinox for Global strategy of the Campo de Gibraltar factory to reduce energy consumption in non-productive periods
Bronze Award NIPPON STEEL Stainless Steel Corporation for the Rehabilitation of hydroelectric power plant (Makinokuchi Power Plant of Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc.)

More information on these industry-driven developments can be obtained from Tim Collins, Secretary-General, worldstainless at (and after 1 June 2022, Brochures with all case studies are available from the worldstainless website. Click here for market development and technology case studies and click here for safety and sustainability case studies.

A video of the awards ceremony is available from YouTube. Click here