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Welcoming Daver Steels Ltd back to BSSA Membership!

The BSSA is delighted to welcome Daver Steels Ltd back into membership. Based in Sheffield, Daver Steels has been a trusted supplier in steel manufacturing for over 30 years. Under the leadership of Directors Lee Stones and Rob Butts since 2017, the company excels in fabricating Carbon, Stainless Steel, and Aluminium components & structural steelwork up to Execution Class 3, primarily for the construction industry.

Daver Steels commitment to quality is evident through their SCCS-approved Factory Production Control system and UKCA-marked fabrications. Their expertise includes a wide range of welding operations, supported by an in-house Responsible Welding Coordinator and numerous WPQRs. Innovation drives them, with advancements like the Cobot welding robot and welding automation carriage, alongside streamlined production using Solidworks, Autocad, and DXF files.

With two workshops, Daver Steels offers in-house services including milled serrated washers and pads, using top-notch equipment like the Photon 5G 12kw CNC Fibre Laser Cutter and HD Hypertherm plasma unit. They collaborate with local suppliers for services such as painting, polishing, powder coating, and galvanising. Their notable projects include Crossrail and HS2, with ongoing work in water treatment and nuclear sectors.

Committed to sustainability, Daver Steels is pursuing ISO 14001 certification, with over 550 solar panels generating 50% of their electricity and supporting their EV fleet. They are on track to be carbon neutral by 2025, with a 0% carbon energy tariff and a new Combilift C5000XLE Electric, enhancing their green credentials and operational efficiency.

Daver Steels Ltd continues to lead in steel fabrication, supplying to customers and projects across the UK, Ireland, and globally, and the BSSA is proud to have them back, looking forward to their ongoing innovation and success! ✨

Daver Steels Ltd