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Vaccine Breakthroughs: What your Business Needs to Know – Webinar – 10th Dec

CBI@10am webinar.

REGISTRATION LINK HERE: CBI@10am: Vaccine Breakthroughs: What your business needs to know

Following last weeks’ exciting news of an approved COVID-19 vaccine, and watching 90-year-old Margaret become the first person to receive the approved vaccine yesterday, businesses are starting to plan for the next stage of responding to the pandemic. Join Tony Danker (Director-General, CBI), Ben Osborn (Managing Director and Country Manager UK, Pfizer) and Professor Devi Sridhar (Chair of Global Public Health, University of Edinburgh), to discuss the vaccine breakthroughs in a special Thursday edition of CBI @10, where you’ll hear:

  • More about the process leading to an approved vaccine, and how Pfizer got there.
  • What the manufacture, deployment, logistics and delivery of new vaccines could look like, and what this means for your business.
  • The best ways for employers to plan ahead, and the role they’ll have to take in the meantime.

Also to note, this will not be the only vaccine-related webinar and we’ll hope to continue to focus on what the roll-out and distribution looks like into the new year.