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US Steel Fabricators Call For End to 232 Tariffs

A leading publication for the metal forming and fabrication industries is calling for an end to former President Donald Trump’s Section 232 tariffs, Kallanish reports.

The Fabricator editor-in-chief Dan Davis argues in his latest column that primary metal producers have gotten their day in the sun. It’s time for the downstream folks to have theirs.

Historically high steel prices are anchoring the nascent manufacturing renaissance that could take place under President Joe Biden, Davis says.

“After a full year of pandemic living, the country’s citizens are ready to live, work, and spend their money, both saved and incoming stimulus funds,” Davis says. “Manufacturers need assistance to fully take advantage of the opportunities that await during what some are calling the new Roaring ’20s.”

Imports could provide a sort of pressure valve to the crushing steel prices they are currently experiencing, he says.

“Domestic manufacturers need relief for one of the major fixed costs for their businesses. They can’t reinvest in their companies and reward their workers if steel prices keep increasing,” Davis writes. “Industry observers suggest that these high prices won’t recede anytime soon as mill capacity goes offline at this most inopportune time and imported steel, now competitive even with the tariffs because of current high prices, can’t get to US shores quickly enough.

Ultimately, he argues, it comes down to the realisation that steel consuming industries represent a bigger chunk of the US economy than primary steel producers.

“The 6.8 million people that work for steel-consuming manufacturing companies in the US would appreciate the support. If three years of tariffs was good enough to protect the future of 140,000 in the US steel industry, officials in Washington, D.C., should be able to recognize what removal of the tariffs will do for the domestic manufacturing base,” Davis says.

Dan Hilliard USA