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UKMC: State of the Metals Sector in the UK 2023-24 Report

The UK Metals Council has published its first State of the UK Metals Industry report, in conjunction with the team from the UK Metals Expo, based on extensive feedback from a survey conducted across all levels of the supply chain, from SMEs to OEMs and Primes.

The report details the hot topics we have consistently raised with UK Government, with Ministers and UK regulatory bodies and that will, importantly, inform our future engagement with key stakeholders.

The UK Metals Council is seeking a clear partnership with UK Government to:

  • develop an effective energy policy to protect the industry from future energy price rises through long term investment in clean energy production infrastructure and renewable energy,
  • provide support and resources to navigate trade barriers and customs procedures and new trade agreements or trade partnerships,
  • support with energy efficiency and innovation to ensure continued global competitiveness, an increase in fully UK-based supply chains for national infrastructure projects and avoid carbon leakage,
  • develop a communications plan to promote the importance of critical raw materials, the benefits of the circular economy and recycling in the UK and the role the domestic metals industry can play,
  • work with schools, further education providers and training organisations to plug the skills gap in the industry and make it attractive as a career to young people.

Please use the following link to download the report: HERE

Printable version: HERE