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TRA upholds recommendations on aluminium extrusions from China

The Trade Remedies Authority has today (27 February 2024) published its reconsidered decisions relating to anti-dumping measures on imports of aluminium extrusions from China.

The TRA’s reconsidered decisions are to uphold the two original decisions: the first decision relating to the recommendation to impose anti-dumping measures on certain aluminium extrusions from China; and the second decision relating to the final negative determination in relation to large aluminium extrusions (products over 310mm cross-sectional dimension and products with a weight greater than 14kg/metre).

The reconsideration was initiated following an application received from a UK producer requesting that the TRA reconsider its original decisions on imports of aluminium extrusions.

The grounds for requesting a reconsideration are based on the applicant’s claims that the anti-dumping duties imposed do not accurately reflect the level of injurious dumping. The applicant also considers that the measure should not have excluded large extrusions.

About the TRA’s original decisions
During its original investigation, the TRA determined that injury to the UK industry was occurring, having found clear evidence of price undercutting, indicating that UK businesses were struggling to compete with the dumped imports. It therefore recommended that a new anti-dumping duty be applied to imports of aluminium extrusions from China to the UK. The TRA also gave a final negative determination on certain types of large aluminium exclusions (meaning that the measure on these products was not extended), as the TRA found no evidence that they are produced in the UK.

In December 2022, the Secretary of State for Business and Trade accepted the TRA’s recommendation that a new anti-dumping duty be applied to imports of certain aluminium extrusions from China to the UK and that duties on large aluminium extrusions should not be applied.

Following the Secretary of State’s decision, the TRA received an application from one domestic producer asking the TRA to reconsider the original decisions. The TRA’s reconsideration considered the grounds submitted by the applicant within the rules set out in the UK’s regulatory framework and the underlying World Trade Organisation obligations.