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Tough Mudder to fundraise for Mind Body Connect’s Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) programme

Kate’s husband, Chris is doing a Tough Mudder in October to fundraise for Mind Body Connect’s Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) programme. Mind Body Connect (MBC) empowers marginalised groups via the medium of physical exercise and their MMA programme is specifically for people at risk of homelessness. It has been up and running for a year and helped a lot of people already. I aim to ensure that this continues!! Every £350 will fund 10 classes. 

Chris is a senior lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University and set up MBC as part of his PhD. He continues to run the charity and uses much of the data gathered as part of his ongoing research.

Donations made through this platform are secure and will be remitted directly through to MBC. Thanks so much for your support!

Mind Body Connect (MBC)

Mind Body Connect empowers marginalised groups using sport and exercise as vehicles of change. Our service users include survivors of human trafficking, refugees and asylum seekers, recovering addicts, mental health referrals, and people at risk of homelessness. Our activities include circuit classes, therapeutic yoga, football, mixed martial arts, and strongman/woman. Our service users have gone on to compete in strength sports at the elite level and to work in the exercise industry. They are empowered to take chare of their own growth, nurture their spirit and become fitter, faster and stronger to better deal with life’s challenges.