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Times Letter – Energy

Dear Metals Council Colleagues,

Following our meeting on Wednesday, the strength of feeling with regard to energy and the unfair portrayal of our industry as ‘badly managed’, prompted me to write a letter to the Times as Chair of the UK Metals Council.  In the letter I called for an urgent intervention by government on industrial energy.  I am pleased to write that the letter has been published online and in the paper today.  I have shared the letter via social media and I would be grateful if you could support this by sharing via your own accounts.  You can find the social media links here:



Usually when a letter is submitted you hear no more and it is either printed, or not.  However, on this occasion I was contacted by the letters editor and we worked together to produce a version that would be concise and suitable for publishing.  The downside of this is that the lack of available space meant I could not include all of our concerns.  However, on the plus side, The Times clearly see the UK Metals Council as an authoritative voice on this topic and so were keen to engage directly with me to ensure that the letter could be printed.  I see this as a real vote of confidence in the position of the UK Metals Council.

Chris McDonald

Chief Executive Officer