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The UK Border in 2021-2022: Changes Ahead for Importers – Wed 7th July at 14:00

The next year will be a period of serious change for EU importers into the UK. As the UK normalises its regime for imported EU goods, both UK importers and their suppliers in continental Europe and Ireland will face new requirements. Anticipating and managing these changes will be critical for effective supply chain management.

Join Stephen Adams, Senior Director; Elly Darkin, Associate; and Chris Salmon, Founder of Clearborder UK for a webinar and discussion session on the changes to expect over the next year. The team will discuss:

– The proposed timetables for the phasing out of UK easements, including any possible slippage in this timetable

– The key practical implications for importers of this normalisation with respect to product standards, certification and other key import protocols

– The UK 2025 Border Strategy and its scope to deliver improvements for UK importers and the suppliers in the EU

The event will take the form of a webinar followed by an open Q&A. The webinar will be available for all participants, and the call will have live captions switched on. After the call, we will share a link to the recording which will include subtitles in Spanish and French. The event will be public and on the record: media are welcome to attend.