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The Quarterly Economic Survey for quarter 4 is now live!

Don’t miss out on telling us how your business is doing and share your views on our region’s existing transport infrastructure and how it could potentially be improved in order to better meet your needs.

Without your responses, we wouldn’t know the true reality of how businesses across South Yorkshire are faring. This information allows us to speak up for our business community, allowing us to influence policy on a local, regional, and national level, on your behalf.

Feeding into the nationwide Quarterly Economic Survey (QES), the poll also asks organisations a number of standardised questions, pertaining to the state of the economy and overall business conditions. For instance, there are sections on cash flow, turnover, capacity, and price pressures, all of which are repeated in every single iteration of the QES. Meanwhile, there is also an opportunity for respondents to explain what more their local authority and national government could be doing to supporting them during these uncertain times.

It only takes 5 minutes to fill in this multiple-choice survey.

Speak up for your business!

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