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The BSSA is proud to announce the launch of our Talent Development Programme

The BSSA Talent Development Programme seeks to bring together a group of highly talented individuals from member companies to collaborate on a project.

The project will see the team come together each month to create an information booklet on Stainless Steel in the Food & Beverage Industry. It will cover materials, product forms, finishes, fabrication, design and benefits. Once complete the research will be available through the BSSA to member companies.

The final project will be presented by the group to their companies, industry experts and local dignitaries in December and members will get a chance to see what the team have produced at the BSSA Conference in May.

The group will also benefit from funded Leadership Training from the University of Warwick as well as additional training such as presentation skills, public speaking, networking, customer visits and marketing.

The programme is being supported by BSSA Board members Adam Bradley and Liz McArdle.

The first cohort includes:

James Sweeney – Anopol

Darren Moult Jr – Stainless Steel Services

Luke Bradley – Acerinox

Adam Stokes – Professional Polishing Services