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The Big Conversation 2022

What is The Big Conversation?

IfATE’s #TheBigConversation is a chance for employers, providers, business representative bodies, apprentices and anyone else who uses or is affected by technical qualifications to give their views and help shape the skills system.

We will be asking about all aspects of technical education and the skills system. We want to hear what’s working, what isn’t – and how the system supports your business, sector or education.

The themes in The Big Conversation include:

  1. Qualifications: Breadth and range of qualifications
  2. National System: How far the skills system supports national priorities, such as the levelling up agenda
  3. Progression: How far the system allows you, your organisation, or your region to progress
  4. Confidence: How confident you feel that the system can deliver what your business or region needs
  5. Quality: Quality of the system and the qualifications which support it.

How can I take part?

​Just fill in your details and we’ll get in touch with you for a conversation, it won’t take too long and we’d love for you to have your say.

Why should I take part?

Without telling us how the system can work for you we won’t be able to improve it, only by taking part can you shape a system that works best for you, your business and your sector.

What is the Skills System

The Skills System is the way all the different parts of the technical education system work together.

There are five components:

  • The range of apprenticeships and technical qualifications on offer.
  • The quality of apprenticeships and technical qualifications on offer.
  • How far apprenticeships and technical qualifications make the country better by supporting national priorities, like social mobility.
  • How far apprenticeships and technical skills qualifications help their workforce progress all through their career, be it in their own business, sector or region.
  • How far all organisations involved in apprenticeships and technical skills education work together to create a cohesive system across sectors and regions.

I’ve given my views – what next?

We will analyse all your views and use them to create a Big Conversation report in March 2023.