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The Acerinox General Shareholders’ Meeting Approves A Dividend of Eur 0.50 Per Share

The General Shareholders’ Meeting of the Acerinox Group held today by electronic means approved the distribution of a dividend of EUR 0.50 per share, which will be paid on 3 June 2021. The total shareholder remuneration to be paid shall amount to EUR 135 million.

The General Shareholders’ Meeting also approved the reappointment of the following directors as members of the Board of Directors:

•Mr Tomás Hevia Armengol as Proprietary Director
•Ms Laura González Molero as Independent Director
•Ms Rosa Mª García Piñeiro as Independent Director
•Ms Marta Martínez Alonso as Independent Director

During his speech the Chairman of Acerinox, Rafael Miranda, commented that he was convinced that “there will be a recovery” and stressed that it will be a “magnificent opportunity for a company as global as Acerinox, given its strong presence in the US and in Europe. And the incorporation of VDM, global leader in special alloys, gives us an opportunity to play a very important role in the future projects necessary to achieve the energy and digital transformation objectives that are being launched around the world, reinforcing that long-awaited recovery”.

The Chief Executive Officer, Bernardo Velázquez, highlighted the company’s good prospects, ensuring that “our production in the first quarter improved by 9% compared to the same period last year, and at 31 March the order backlog was 80% higher than that at the same date in 2020 and was 41% higher compared to that of 2019, which guarantees that we will also maintain full business activities during the second quarter in all our factories around the world and in all markets. All in all, we have every reason to be optimistic for 2021, remaining confident that there will be no severe downturn in health conditions.”