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Technology Developer Accelerator Programme

Funding and support to grow your business

Our Technology Developer Accelerator Programme (TDAP) is here to help accelerate early-stage transport technology concepts to market. Through TDAP, we provide up to £135,000 of combined grant funding, technical support and business mentoring to help start-ups, spinouts and SMEs bring their innovations to life.

Over an 18-month phased programme, we work with businesses to give their innovations the boost they need. Alongside grant funding for technology development, participants work with the APC and our delivery partners to focus on five key areas of development: new product development, market strategy, intellectual property management, investor readiness and networking.

Companies that have completed TDAP have benefitted from developing prototypes and product demonstrators, finding new routes to market, developing new partnerships, and strengthening their strategies and business plans. Many have gone on to take significant external investment and accelerate their routes to commercialisation.

TDAP supports ambitious UK-based micro, small and medium-sized companies that can benefit from programme activities, APC engagement and programme team expertise.

Applicants must be developing an innovative automotive-related technology, product or service which could support the shift to zero-emission vehicles or to net-zero carbon automotive products.

Selection for TDAP is a competitive process that sees applicants pass through rigorous assessment, selection and ongoing gateway processes driven by the APC and our hand-picked independent industry experts.

Not only does this ensure that we work with some of the most exciting concepts coming through the early-stage innovation pipeline, it also acts as a signal to the outside world that these companies are high-quality concepts with great teams behind them.

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