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General Grade Related Information

Availability of Stainless Steel Grades

Provides tables giving an indication of the availability of stainless steel flat and long products. The intention is to give designers and specifiers some idea of how easy it will be to source their choice of grade and product form.

General Principles for Selection of Stainless Steels

Describes the compositional, mechanical property and corrosion resistance of different stainless steel types and grades and how these differences are used to select an appropriate grade for a specific application.

Trade Names Associated with Stainless Steels

Lists trade names for guidance in identifying steel types from old or obscure drawings or specifications.

On-Site Methods for Stainless Steel Grade Product Sorting

Describes how the characteristics of stainless steels and other metals can be used for identification purposes.

Stainless Steel Grades Datasheets

Comprehensive lists of stainless steel grade designations and, in some cases, procurement sources.

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