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Metallic & Other Coating Systems (Inorganic)

Terne coated finishes on stainless steels

Terne coatings can be applied to carbon and stainless steels. They are usually done on sheet or strip for external cladding, roofing, flashings etc. building applications. Terne coating confers a lead patina appearance to the steel surface and so can be used as a substitute for solid lead sheet roofing to buildings such as churches.

Specifying coloured stainless steel finishes and their applications

Stainless steel can be coloured either by the application of paint or by chemical treatments. Both are durable in normal service, but damage can be difficult to repair, especially for finishes produced by chemical treatment. Paint systems rely upon introducing a second layer of material onto the surface of the stainless steel whereas chemical systems rely upon altering the thickness and nature of the passive film. This article describes the specification and applications for chemically coloured stainless steel flat products.

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