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Fatigue and Creep

Fatigue properties and endurance limits of stainless steels

Fatigue is a process of mechanical failure resulting from the application of repeated cyclic stresses. The stresses can be a combination of tensile and compression or fluctuating tensile stresses.

Ambient temperature mechanical properties of creep resisting steels to BS EN 10302

EN 10302 is the European standard covering a wide range of creep resisting steels. Some of these can also be classified as stainless steels. This article summarises the mechanical properties of these steels.

Chemical composition of creep resisting steels to BS EN 10302

BS EN 10302 is the material standard for creep resisting steels, nickel and cobalt alloys in bar, rod and flat product forms. Martensitic and austenitic steels are included. Most of these grades can also be classed as stainless steels by the definition given in BS EN 10088-1, which considers steels with minimum chromium, (Cr), contents of 11.5% and maximum carbon, (C), contents of 1.2% to be stainless steels.

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