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Technical Enquiries

Please fill in the form below to contact the BSSA’s Stainless Steel Advisory Service about a technical enquiry or regarding possible suppliers. We will try and respond to you as soon as possible. Please note that the Stainless Steel Advisory Service is primarily concerned with supporting the stainless steel industry in Great Britain and Ireland. Enquiries from outside this region should be directed to the relevant local organisation if possible. See Related Organisations for details.

Please note that details about enquirers and the advice provided are recorded on the BSSA database and that a summary of this information is routinely passed on to BSSA member companies who may follow up enquiries by offering products and services related to the enquiry. We believe that this is a helpful service but if you prefer that your details are not passed on please indicate this choice with your enquiry, otherwise it will be assumed that you have given consent for your details to be used in this manner .