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Tariffs on goods imported into the UK

Although very little stainless is imported from Russia or Belarus directly, this additional tariff may impact on the import duties via distributors or agents with access to Russian or Belarussian stocks or mills.

The import tariff is 35% valid from 25th March for any goods not already cleared.

The UK Global Tariff (UKGT) applies to all goods imported into the UK unless:

Importing goods covered by a tariff-rate quota

Some products are covered by a tariff-rate quota (TRQ).

If there’s a TRQ for your product, you can apply to import a limited amount at a zero or reduced rate of customs duty.  If this limit is exceeded, a higher tariff rate applies.

Some tariff-rate quotas are only applicable to products imported from a specified country.

Check the TRQs for specific products, including volume limits and authorised uses.

Additional duties on goods originating in Russia and Belarus

See information on additional duties on goods originating in Russia and Belarus.

Tariff relief on some goods for tackling coronavirus (COVID-19)

The tariffs and VAT have been removed on some goods.

Find the tariffs which are subject to relief measures because of COVID-19.

How to check the tariff

Use the look-up tool to check the tariff rates that apply to goods you’re importing into the UK.

The commodity code system has not changed.

The tool shows the tariff rates that will be applied to goods at the border when they’re imported into the UK.

It does not cover:

  • other import duties, such as VAT
  • the precise details of trade remedy measures, such as anti-dumping, countervailing and safeguards

Give feedback on the UK Global Tariff

We are collecting feedback on the tariff so we can learn about its impact.

You can give:

  • feedback or evidence on specific tariff rates
  • evidence on the tariff in general
  • information about yourself or the business you represent

To give feedback, download and complete the UK Global Tariff feedback form (ODT43.1 KB), and email it to

All evidence will be considered to make sure the UKGT is fit for purpose.

If necessary, actions will be taken in line with the principles set out in the Taxation (Cross-Border Trade) Act 2018.