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3DGBIRE and the BSSA held a networking event into the fascinating world of Additive Manufacturing.

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Stainless steelmakers reveal restructure plans

Tens of thousands of tonnes of stainless steel production capacity is set to be affected by the restructuring plans of major steelmakers. MEPS respondents from across the countries assessed by

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Aperam Infinate

Aperam infinite™ is our new sustainability brand for all our near-zero* footprint premium products, related services and solutions. Achieving a reduction of up to 85%¹ in carbon emissions compared to

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In the Know

To view as a larger image (PDF): In the know 27112023 –

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Application of artificial intelligence in predicting corrosion rates for selective corrosion groups in refinery and petrochemical plants

By 1Nurul Asni Mohamed, 2M Aswadi Ton Alias and 3Izzatdin A Aziz.,, Material Corrosion and Inspection, PETRONAS 3, Center for Research in Data Science (CeRDaS), Universiti Teknologi

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Croner Christmas Giveaway Promotion Pack

Get ready to unwrap the joy of the season with the Croner Christmas Giveaway Event! As part of the BSSA’s ongoing partnership with Croner, we’re thrilled to invite you to

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The BSSA is delighted to Welcome Cogne UK back into Membership!

Cogne UK was established in February 1997 by Cogne Acciai Speciali, a leading European long bar Stainless and Duplex manufacturer based in Aosta Northern Italy. We Stock, process and distribute

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The BSSA is delighted to Welcome Trasteel into Membership!

Trasteel Group was founded in 2009 as the result of the vision of a group of entrepreneurs and professionals with 40 years of international experience in the steel industry. Today,

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Major Tax Relief Measures Announced in London – Stainless Espresso

24 November 2023 – The UK government announced important tax relief measures on Wednesday. One for the social security rate for employees and, considered far more important, a permanent extension

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ThyssenKrupp, ArcelorMittal: Spotlight in EU Emissions Issue

Billions of euros are given away to steel giants like ThyssenKrupp or ArcelorMittal year after year via EU emissions trading, which continue to lack any desire to reduce CO2 emissions.

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