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Swiss Steel offers ‘green’ branded stainless product

The Swiss Steel Group has introduced Green Steel Stainless+, a new sustainable variant of stainless steel. This innovation underscores the company’s dedication to environmental protection and sustainability. Green Steel Stainless+ boasts exceptional properties, making it versatile and suitable for various demanding applications.

Key Characteristics of Green Steel Stainless+

  1. Corrosion and Heat Resistance: The steel offers robust protection against corrosion and can withstand high temperatures, making it suitable for challenging environments.
  2. Mechanical Properties: It maintains excellent strength and durability.
  3. Non-Magnetic Options: Certain variants are non-magnetic, catering to specific industrial needs.
  4. Aesthetic and Architectural Appeal: The steel’s visual qualities enhance its attractiveness for design and architectural applications.

Potential Applications

Green Steel Stainless+ is ideal for several sectors:

  • Construction Industry: Its durability and aesthetic appeal make it perfect for structural and decorative uses.
  • Automotive Sector: The steel’s strength and resistance to wear and tear are beneficial for vehicle manufacturing.
  • Household Appliances: Corrosion resistance ensures long-lasting and reliable kitchen and home appliances.
  • Medical and Aerospace Technology: High performance and non-magnetic properties are critical for medical instruments and aerospace components.

Sustainable Production Practices

Swiss Steel employs electric arc furnace (EAF) technology to produce this stainless steel, primarily using recycled metal as the main input material. This method aligns with sustainable practices by significantly reducing the carbon footprint associated with steel production.

Recycled Content

In 2023, the Ugitech facility in France, a part of Swiss Steel, achieved an average recycled-content percentage of 77.4% in its metal production. This recycled content comprises:

  • New Scrap: Internal scrap from production processes.
  • Old Scrap: Postconsumer scrap materials.

The high percentage of recycled content is achieved through meticulous sorting processes, ensuring the quality and performance of the stainless steel are maintained.


Swiss Steel’s Green Steel Stainless+ represents a significant step towards sustainable manufacturing in the steel industry. By leveraging advanced recycling techniques and EAF technology, the company not only reduces environmental impact but also delivers high-quality stainless steel suitable for diverse and demanding applications.

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