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Sverdrup Steel are establishing a new service center in Denmark with strong focus on sustainability and health and safety

Sverdrup Steel, the world’s largest stockholder of high-performance alloys, is taking steps to enhance global customer service by establishing a new service center in Denmark with strong focus on sustainability and health and safety.

Construction of the service center has already started and will be fully operational in January 2025. The 13.000 square meters Horsens service center, with its advanced facilities, underscores our commitment to the highest standards in processing and distributing high-performance alloys. Equipped with state-of-art machinery including an automatic container loading system, this facility not only streamlines logistics but also reinforces our dedication to health, safety, and sustainability.

With a focus on product quality and technical expertise, Sverdrup Steel aims to elevate its services, catering to the evolving needs of industries around the world. At the core of our expansion is the strategic choice of Horsens, Denmark, and the proximity to Europe, Scandinavia, and the UK aligns with our dedication to providing efficient logistics solutions to customers globally.

Mats Benson, Director of Business Development, emphasizes this decision, stating,
“Denmark is the ideal location for expansion, with excellent connections to all European markets. The new establishment allows us to maintain service standards for existing customers and gain a competitive edge for new business opportunities.”

This investment constitutes a crucial part of our five existing service centers in Europe and Asia. This network is designed to meet our customers’ needs for quick deliveries with efficient logistics, providing a comprehensive solution to their requirements. The Horsens Service Center, with its focus on efficient logistics and HSE principles, illustrates Sverdrup Steel’s commitment to a sustainable and safer future.