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Structural Stainless Steels Online Seminar – 27 October 2022 09:00-11:00CET

The use of stainless steels in structural applications is clearly growing, however there are still some barriers in place that prevent the specification of stainless steel structural components with relative ease. Furthermore, the knowledge of stainless steels within the construction community is rather variable and, in many cases, very weak.

Associate Director of the Steel Construction Institute, Nancy Baddoo will present what work had recently been undertaken, is currently ongoing and is planned for the near future in order to change the situation for the better. Stainless steels are a truly sustainable material however without the inclusion of stainless steels in key structural specifications and supporting design guides the growth in consumption is likely to stagnate. These developments are imperatives for both our planet and our industry.

The support of organizations like the Steel Construction Institute is a key part of our market development work in this growing usage segment. Furthermore, the growing interest in life-cycle thinking and low GHG emissions profiles presents a clear opportunity for using stainless steels in structures which will not gain full traction without the ability to easily specify and select our products.

Please join Tim Collins and Nancy Baddoo at 09:00 CET on Thursday 27 October 2022 for a seminar outlining the important live work in this field.