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Strike at Spanish stainless steel mill continues

The ongoing strike at Acerinox’s Los Barrios plant in Spain, which has been ongoing since February 5th, has escalated, leading to disruptions and blockades, including on major highways and at the port of Algeciras. The situation has garnered attention from Spanish politicians, with discussions taking place in the Andalusian parliament between striking workers and politicians.

Despite both sides expressing a willingness to negotiate, a resolution to the dispute over restructuring measures and workers’ demands for better conditions and higher wages has not been reached. This impasse has resulted in significant effects on the European stainless steel market, including delivery delays and extended delivery times until May 2024.

Furthermore, the strike in Spain, coupled with work stoppages in Finland, has impacted the European stainless steel market, leading to delivery delays and an extension of delivery times until May 2024. The disruptions have also contributed to a rise in nickel prices, with a more than 4% increase on the Asian SHFE. Consequently, stainless steel prices have risen by around 1%, and there are reports of stainless steel shortages across Asia.

These developments highlight the interconnectedness of global markets and the significant impact that labor disputes and disruptions in one region can have on supply chains and prices worldwide.

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