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Strike 11 March to 24th March

Companies participating 11 March to 24 March are Neste – Kemin terminaali, Neste – Kokkolan terminaali, Neste – Naantalin satama, Neste – Naantalin jakeluterminaali, Neste – Porvoon satama, Neste – Porvoon jakeluterminaali, Okmetic – Vantaa, Outokumpu Chrome – Tornion tehdas, Outokumpu Stainless – Tornio, SSAB Europe – Raahe, SSAB Europe – Raahen Rautatehtaan ruokalaosuuskunta.

Unions are opposed to the government program for several reasons outlined in the provided text:

  1. Impact on Workers: The unions believe that the impairments and cuts proposed in the government program will disproportionately affect workers. They argue that while the government justifies these decisions based on central government finances, they will significantly reduce taxation for high-income earners.
  2. Restriction of Workers’ Rights: The government intends to restrict the right to strike, which unions see as an attempt to prevent workers from protesting against other cuts and impairments proposed by the government.
  3. Favoring Business Interests: Unions criticize the government for directly fulfilling the goals of business organizations while ignoring the goals of the employee side.
  4. Drastic Measures: Unions fear that if implemented, the package proposed by the government will be more severe than previous agreements. They cite examples such as completely eroding earnings-related unemployment allowance and quickly cutting off salary payments in situations of change.

In response to these concerns, the unions have organized strikes as a form of political industrial action to protest against the government program. They argue that political strikes are legal and aim to achieve political or social goals, even if not directly related to terms of employment. They emphasize that participating in the strike is protected by law, and employees cannot be dismissed for taking part in it.

The strikes are scheduled to occur between March 11 and March 24 and will affect various workplaces, as specified. Workers participating in the strike will be eligible for strike benefits provided by the Industrial Union, and exemptions to strike limits may be granted in specific cases. The union encourages its members to apply for strike benefits through their eService platform and offers assistance and guidance regarding the strike through shop stewards and the union’s Employment Advice service.

Acerinox workers continue their dispute in Spain, with no outcome expected in the short term.

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