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Steeltec signs a partnership with Axpo Holding

Swiss Steel Group has reached another milestone on the road to decarbonization. Steeltec is now relying exclusively on Swiss hydropower to produce its special steels. For this, a game-changing strategic partnership was concluded with Axpo Holding AG. With its steel works, the Swiss Steel Group operates exclusively on the electric arc furnace route. Owing to the use of scrap, decarbonized energy and a functioning cyclic economy, the Group’s emissions are around 78% below the industry average.

The ecological footprint of the Emmenbrücke plant is the lowest within Swiss Steel Group. In switching to electricity from Swiss hydropower, Steeltec is using not just local energy, but also lowers its footprint further. Customers profit from a rolled and bright steel material with an outstanding ecological value proposition that lets them noticeably reduce their upstream footprint.

Under the terms of the contract, Axpo will supply the steel mill in Emmenbrücke until 2024 with electricity certifiably generated at hydropower stations belonging to Axpo’s fleet of Swiss power plants. Swiss Steel Group is betting not only on sustainability and green electricity, but also ensures that the Group’s low emissions are reduced even further.

By Stainless Steel World Publisher