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Steel Shipments EU and UK Rise 20.2% on Year in January-July

In first seven months of 2021, steel shipments of EU 27 + UK SSC rose 20.2% on the year, while shipments of EU 27 + UK multi-product & proximity steel stockholding distribution went up by 12.3%, the EUROMETAL steel stockholders and distributors association said Sept. 14.

From January to July, EU27 + UK Multi-Product & Proximity Steel Stockholding Distribution registered higher shipments on the year across all categories with the exception of rebars, which saw fewer shipments. Other longs, strip mill products, tubular products and stainless steel registered higher shipments.

In July, shipments of strip mill products rose 3.4% on the year and 24.3% on the month.

Stock levels at EU SSC reached 53 days of shipments in July 2021, compared with 70 days in July 2020.

According to the press note, in July 2021, the stock volumes index for flat steel service centers fell to 71 from 88 registered in July 2020 (average 2018 = index 100).

In July, total steel products shipments increased 3% on the year. All products under the segment saw a year-on-year rise, with the exception of sections and rebars.

Stock volumes index of EU27 + UK Multi-Product & Proximity Steel Stockholding Distribution fell to 81 index points in 2021, compared with 84 in July, 2020 (average 2018 =Index 100).

Stock volumes of EU27 + UK stood at 69 days of shipments in July, compared with 76 days in July 2020.

— Annalisa Villa