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Steel Decarbonisation Strategies 2021 Virtual Conference 29th June – 1st July

Steel, whilst critical to modern society, also accounts for c.8% of the world’s carbon emissions. To achieve a net-zero carbon economy in the next 30 years, policymakers, mining companies, steel producers and end-users must work together to understand and eradicate all three scopes of emissions from across the entire steel value chain.

How will this work in practice? A combination of advanced mining technologies; green hydrogen-based steelmaking; and carbon capture/utilisation technologies may achieve a decarbonised steel value chain, but a truly net-zero global roadmap will also require optimisation of existing processes and feedstocks.

Additionally, new technical solutions must be considered alongside the challenge of designing policy and finance models that will make such investments possible. And, global coordination from mine to market will be required, with all players understanding the risks and opportunities that decarbonisation offers their business.

As the leading global independent authority across the steel value chain, CRU is proud to present the inaugural Steel Decarbonisation Strategies 2021 Virtual Conference. This unique, strategic event will bring together policy makers, financiers, consumers, and leaders from across the supply chain and around the world.  The conference will define the green steel challenge, discuss the decisions that need to be made across the sector, examine available solutions that currently exist, and the policy and finance support required to make them possible.

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