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Stainless steel water bottles: a safe and sustainable choice

This week worldstainless became aware of the following messaging from media: Stainless Steel Sippy Cups Sold Nationwide (in the US) Being Recalled Due To Lead Poisoning Hazard. Reading further it becomes clear the bottom of these sippy cups can break off and then expose a solder dot that contains lead.

The lead-containing solder dots causing the recall were used in the Green Sprouts (US natural baby products supplier) bottles to create a vacuum between the internal and external layers. The US firm received seven reports of incidents of the bottles’ base breaking off exposing the solder dot. No injuries have been reported. They were not picked up by testing because they are ‘inaccessible under normal use’.

Green Sprouts said in a statement: ‘Had we been aware that a component containing lead in these products could become accessible, we wouldn’t have put them on the market. Now that we know, we are voluntarily recalling these products.’

They added: ‘As we approach the redesign of these products… we will ensure that lead is not used as a soldering material, no matter whether it would be accessible.’

Stainless steel is inherently safe and a sustainable choice for all food and drink uses.

This news in the media can create the impression that stainless steel bottles are not safe so worldstainless have relaunched a water bottle campaign: Stainless steel water bottles – a safe and sustainable choice.

A brochure can be downloaded from the worldstainless website. Click here. In the brochure reference is made to the KTH study proving stainless steel is safe in food applications.