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Stainless steel twisted tube pendant is a ‘simple yet effective’ way to reduce symptoms of anxiety

Stainless steel tube manufacturer supports mental wellbeing service by supplying 100 anti-anxiety tube pendants

A recently launched stainless steel pendant named ‘The Breathe’ is proving to be a remarkably efficient way to reduce stress and encourage calm by aiding powerful breathwork. By exhaling slowly through the tiny, twisted tube, dozens of users have already reported positive benefits – from reduced anxiety to vaping cessation.

The attractive pendant is carefully crafted from 316-grade stainless steel by Dorset-based manufacturers Timeless Tube, an engineering firm best known for their unique architectural and marine tube rails. The metal tube experts have donated 100 custom-made pendants for not-for-profit service Hera Mindful Healing to launch their awareness campaign.

At Timeless we’re deeply invested in the importance of good mental health. When we discovered how these simple yet effective pendants have been helping people we were touched,” says Timeless Tube Managing Director, Tom McMillan. “We have since donated 100 of The Breathe pendants to kick-start Hera’s awareness campaign”, continues McMillan. “Stress touches all of us, no matter what industry we work in. We are glad to support Hera’s mission.”

The pendant is formed from one of the smallest tubes that Timeless have made to date. Timeless’s twisted oval tubes are more often seen in high-end architectural metalwork, such as spindles and decorative room partitioning.

Amanda Clarke, Director of not-for-profit pendant creators Hera Mindful Healing, explains, “After a soft launch in 2023, we were overwhelmed by the positive reviews we have been receiving from users. The principle of controlled breathwork is age-old – the pendant concept is based on ancient meditation tools. But The Breathe pendant is unique because it is discreet, it looks beautiful, and it is always accessible. It can be incorporated into daily routines or used whenever needed”.

Users are guided to inhale gradually and deeply and to hold this breath briefly before exhaling through the tube for 8 to 10 seconds.

Slowing your exhale is a natural and scientific approach to reducing symptoms of anxiety. Engaging in several cycles of this breathing technique will help to calm both your mind and body, allowing you to refocus your thoughts” says Clarke. “Rhythmic breathing is a proven way to reduce stress hormones including those created by the body’s fight-or-flight response. The Breathe’s tubular form provides a convenient means to slow the flow of air. It helps the wearer find peace during moments of stress – and without the need for medication.”

The aid, used by all genders and ages, has been used to help a range of conditions. “We’ve had one user who suffers from a rare disorder called Dystonia. The Breathe helps to prevent both his dystonic storms and the associated panic attacks.” details Clarke. “Other users have said that the Breathe has been invaluable in helping them give up vaping. Some even use the pendant’s contoured profile as a fidget aid,” adds Clarke.

Pendant wearer Bridget shares her personal experience of the device: “I used my Breathe when I had a medical procedure carried out; it stopped me from going into a full panic attack and enabled me to have a very important examination as it calmed me right down.”

Any profits that Hera Mindful Healing makes from the sale of the Breathe Pendants will pay for the free provision of Hera’s counselling and support – support that is not widely available for sufferers of anxiety in the UK. “At Hera, we wholeheartedly believe that everyone has the right to heal and live the life they wish, regardless of their financial situation. Selling this product will not only help people with their anxiety in a safe and natural way, but it’ll give us the opportunity to offer mindful therapy to those in need,” concludes Amanda Clarke. 

Hera Mindful Healing is encouraging any interested health-care providers and wellbeing services to get in touch for a sample of The Breathe pendant.