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Stainless Steel Fabrication Seminars

Stainless Steel Fabrication Seminars are held on various topics and provide a thorough introduction to stainless steel and good design, fabrication and workshop practice.

Service conditions are increasingly demanding for many applications and stainless steel can often provide a cost-effective material solution. However, a good understanding of the range of stainless steel grades, their suitability for particular environments and how to fabricate with them is vital to ensure the ideal outcome for the client.

The seminar will provide a thorough introduction to fabricating with stainless steel. As important, is to use stainless steel safely and the seminar will also provide guidance on good health and safety practices, especially when welding.

Seminar objectives:

• To promote good design and fabrication in stainless steel
• To assist delegates to comply with health and safety requirements
• To provide an introduction to development and support services

Benefits of attending:

• Confidence in specifying, buying and fabricating stainless steel, and in using and operating stainless steel structures and equipment
• Understanding of how to avoid the pitfalls in stainless steel design and fabrication
• Access to regional technical and business support