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Stainless Flexible Service Lines – simply fit and forget!

Team Stainless has marked World Water Loss Day on 4 December with a new technical publication that clearly explains the benefits of Stainless steel flexible service lines for water distribution. The new publication is a rich source of information on stainless partially corrugated tube (SPCT) for water authorities tackling the problem of water leakage.

SPCT has been deployed in Tokyo since the 1980s and has proven performance across millions of installations, leading to significant water loss reduction.

The free guide can be downloaded from the Team Stainless website. Click here.

SPCT offers:

  • Proven water loss reductions
  • Extraordinary service life – more than 100 years, without ageing or change of properties throughout the lifespan
  • Safe, impermeable, non-reactive service, ensuring the highest quality water
  • Strength, toughness, resistance to mechanical damage, as well as extreme cold and heat
  • Easy, fast installation with flexible tube and minimal number of fittings
  • Compliance with regional and international quality standards.

Stainless steel offers a robust solution to addressing water loss and water quality.

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