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Rob Cooper joins SMEA

The Sheffield Metallurgical and Engineering Association (SMEA) is the voice of the materials community in South Yorkshire. Its origins go back to 1894 with the formation of the Sheffield Society of Engineers and Metallurgists. In 1917 a subsidiary group was formed, taking the title of Society of Metallurgists and Metallurgical Chemists, which changed its name in the early 1930s to become the Sheffield Metallurgical Association. By 1963, the activities of the older Sheffield Society of Engineers and Metallurgists and the Sheffield Metallurgical Association were so close that it was decided to amalgamate under the current title.

The SMEA and SMEA Events Ltd respects peoples privacy and their desire to understand how your information will be handled and used. The Privacy Policy for both organisations can be found as attachments. These Policies explain how we collect, use and store your information.  Using your information in a way that you are comfortable with and keeping your information secure is an integral part of the professional body standard we aim to achieve.

SMEA is affiliated to the Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining (IOM3) and is one of the largest regional memberships in IOM3. The Association has an extensive programme of activities to keep its members abreast of new innovations in the materials world centred on its lecture programme. It actively encourages the development of young materials scientists through travel bursaries and prizes for academic achievement. In addition it promotes and assists local science based trusts and museums to ensure the history of science in the Sheffield region is developed. The Association extends a warm welcome to non-members to all its events.