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Continuing Professional Development Training

The modules are designed to assist architects in the design and specification of stainless steel. Currently, there is a choice of four modules:

Seminar 1
Stainless Steel for Architects
A general introduction to stainless steel for architects, including grades, standards, properties of stainless steel, EN 10088 specifications, surface finishes, environmental benefits and where to obtain further advice.

Seminar 2
Designing Building Exteriors in Stainless Steel

Designed to help architects get the best out of stainless steel in the design of building exteriors. How to avoid practical problems that would give disappointing service/performance, including issues affecting material selection and long term maintenance. Understanding the key factors which affect performance. Practical guidance on design.

Seminar 3
Specifying Stainless Steel for Architectural Applications
Provides architects with practical guidance on the specification of stainless steel, including material grade, surface finish and flatness criteria. It also explores factors influencing the cost of different specifications.

Seminar 4
Stainless Steel in Swimming Pools
Provides architects and structural engineers with guidance on the use of stainless steels in swimming pool applications; outlines the principles of good design and material selection, and how to avoid pitfalls, such as stress corrosion cracking.

Also Available

Relevant technical literature published by BSSA, Nickel Institute and Euro Inox will be made available.

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