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Research & Development Tax Credits

R&D tax credits provide a financial boost to eligible companies that invest in research and development. Whether you’re creating new products, improving existing ones, or exploring innovative solutions, R&D tax credits are available to companies across a wide range of industries. The key is to ensure that the R&D initiatives pass an examination by HMRC to determine their level of innovation.

Companies can receive a credit against their corporation tax liability, or a cash benefit based on a percentage of their eligible R&D expenditures. The credit can be claimed up to two years after the expenses have been incurred. Depending on a company’s financial situation, the credit can reduce their tax liability, provide a refundable tax credit, or be used as a loss carry back.

Why us?


When it comes to claiming R&D Tax in a compliance-focused environment,  ensure only to seek advice from experts who understand your work as well as the legislation. Ultimately you should trust them implicitly to defend your company in the event of an enquiry.

That means you need experts with ethics. We pride ourselves on our exceptional team. All compliance process is led by former HMRC R&D Tax inspector Malcolm Henderson. With over 26 years of industry experience including nearly two decades with HMRC, Malcolm’s expertise is fairly unmatched within the private sector. It’s why we pre-enquire every claim internally before submission.


It doesn’t stop with him though. The team alongside Malcolm comprises seasoned professionals from top financial consulting firms, industry-leading sector specialists, and ACA-qualified accountants. When combined with a top-tier account management service we strive to exceed expectations in both experience and expertise.

Wider Tax Knowledge

None of our services exists in a bubble, and we are always looking at ways to expand partnerships with clients to ensure that their wider company is as tax efficient as possible and aware of all avenues of funding available.

Don’t take our word for it, the numbers speak for themselves.

  • 97% Retention rate
  • £50m+ Secured
  • Assisting 500+ businesses.

Energy Tax

Energy Intensive Industries (EII) can access tax exemptions on their energy spend, including Climate Change Levy, Contract for Difference, Feed-in Tariff, and Renewable Obligation, offering savings from 7-25%, with a 4-year rebate for overcharges in CCL.

HMRC sets criteria based on SIC codes and energy intensity thresholds. Bonham and Brook specialize in identifying eligibility for passing the business level test, particularly within the diverse SIC codes of the metals industry.

A standout advantage is the Competitor Advantage clause, allowing exemption applications even if the energy intensity threshold isn’t met, provided a similar SIC code company succeeded.

Moreover, Bonham and Brook collaborate with a sustainability expert, advising on solar opportunities and addressing energy broker mis-selling claims, delivering a comprehensive service beyond tax exemptions for EII.

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