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Recovery Loan Scheme (RLS) Concerns

With the ongoing issues regarding supply chain challenges, wage inflation and supply costs, increasingly the mind turns to cash flow. As the crisis continues, we could start to see businesses leaning on payment terms and other pressures emerging with knock on consequences for issues like debt management and cash flow.

The CBI has backed calls for the extension of the Recovery Loan Scheme (RLS) but there are other challenges ahead. HM Treasury and others are already asking for our view on the situation and solutions will be needed.

We would be grateful if you could share any sentiment or concerns with Chris Wilford, regarding the following:

  1. Is cash flow a current concern for your business?
  2. Are late payments an issue for your business?
  3. Do you see a future need for a government loan guarantee scheme?
  4. Are you holding back on investment plans until present challenges resolve themselves?

If the BSSA can help your case in any way please copy in and he will take the matter further.