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R-Tech delivers Stainless Steel Degradation Masterclass to INEOS O&P UK’s employees

Rob Cooper, MD of the BSSA, and Sarah Bagnall, Director of Consultancy Services for R-Tech Materials recently held our Corrosion Mechanisms course at the INEOS Grangemouth site. The session was very well attended by 22 engineers and managers from the company.

Sarah Bagnall presenting the course

INEOS have released the following:

As part of its commitment to continuous learning and development, INEOS O&P UK’s Integrity Team recently took part in a specially organised masterclass on Stainless Steel Degradation – a material that is widely used across the industrial complex in Grangemouth. The masterclass was delivered by Sarah Bagnall of R-Tech Materials Ltd and Rob Cooper of the British Stainless Steel Association (BSSA).

ICorr President

Attendees (representing the various engineering disciplines across the INEOS business) benefited immensely from R-Tech’s fundamental knowledge of stainless steels, their extensive compendium of failure analyses, and from the BSSA’s expertise on the subject. Philip Enegela, Integrity Lead at INEOS O&P UK said, “From the feedback received, it was evident that a firm understanding of integrity threats applicable to stainless steels is essential in operations, irrespective of the engineering applications they are used for. The masterclass was part of a training programme to support INEOS’ commitment to integrity management, asset care and safety, particularly on assets where stainless steels are used.”

The course was audited by the Institute of Corrosion’s President, Stephen Tate, who had very positive comments on the quality of the course and INEOS O&P UK’s Integrity Training Program.

Course attendees