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Plastic Packaging Tax

The BSSA are looking for further clarification as to the true impacts on our industry and we will follow up with further information.

Plastic Packaging Tax

HMRC has published the first part of PPT’s full guidance on GOV.UK. This update provides new information, for example, what to include on a tax return for PPT, and what other substances need to be considered for multi-material packaging. The update also brings previously published guidance into the full guidance format, so all information businesses need to prepare for the tax will be together in one place.

The first HMRC webinars on PPT took place late last month. Recordings of both the ‘Introduction to Plastic Packaging Tax’ and ‘Plastic Packaging Tax – Administration and technical aspects’ sessions are now available to view.

An introductory webinar on the PPT takes place on 22nd November at 13:45 and a separate one on the administration and technical aspects for PPT on 12th November at 11:45 GMT.