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Outokumpu – Framing the Future with Stainless Steel – Webinar 1st December at 09:00

The vital demands for passenger safety, comfort and alternative powertrain technologies tend to add weight to a bus. This is a challenge, as reducing weight is precisely the key to energy efficiency. How can you optimize the weight of a bus with the right materials and choices in frame design? In our webinar, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klemens Rother presents some exciting results from a joined project with the aim to minimize structural weight while keeping material and manufacturing costs at a minimum.

Key topics in the webinar:

  • Introduction to high-strength stainless steels for lightweight buses
  • Simulation project introduction and results by Professor Klemens Rother
  • Discussion on the opportunities for bus body designs
  • Questions and answers, also joining Dr. Werner Pohl from FCMS