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N’GENIUS develops austenitic stainless steels

By Stainless Steel World Publisher

N’GENIUS Materials Technology has developed an innovative range of high-strength austenitic stainless steels which has the potential to revolutionise the design and construction of onshore and offshore facilities in the oil, gas and LNG sector.

The global demand for LNG is projected to reach 700mn tonnes per year by 2040, fuelling the need for greater LNG infrastructure including import receiving and export terminals, FLNG vessels and LNG carriers. Since these facilities are being designed with larger capacities and operating under increasingly more challenging conditions, advanced materials technology is required to maximise performance, reduce carbon emissions and optimise through-life costs.

The N’GENIUS Series is a complete ‘family’ of high-strength austenitic stainless steels possessing major improvements, and a highly economical alternative to various nickel-alloys.

The N’GENIUS Series has excellent ductility and toughness at sub-zero and cryogenic temperatures, but also offers even higher strength and vastly superior corrosion resistance.

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