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Major Tax Relief Measures Announced in London – Stainless Espresso

24 November 2023 – The UK government announced important tax relief measures on Wednesday. One for the social security rate for employees and, considered far more important, a permanent extension

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ThyssenKrupp, ArcelorMittal: Spotlight in EU Emissions Issue

Billions of euros are given away to steel giants like ThyssenKrupp or ArcelorMittal year after year via EU emissions trading, which continue to lack any desire to reduce CO2 emissions.

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Statement Regarding LPG Quality – October 2023

In recent months the LPG industry has continued to receive reports from some of its customers about alleged LPG quality issues. The LPG quality issues have been received from customers

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EUROMETAL organized a webinar on CBAM

Last Monday, EUROMETAL organized a webinar on CBAM and particularly its impact on the Steel industry. This webinar organised in collaboration with PwC Poland aimed to clarify doubts about steel

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