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New Data Sheet SOLEIL™ 4003

The ferritic stainless steel SOLEIL™ 4003 (1.4003) is a cost effective weldable 12% Cr stainless steel combining:

– Strength and ductility in the as delivered and as welded conditions
– Corrosion and abrasion resistance in moderately aggressive conditions
– Scaling resistance up to 600°C (1100°F)
– Good welding and fabrication properties
– Useful impact resistance

It can be used in many different applications like for instance:
– As an attractive alternative to weathering steels, painted or galvanized steels in structural applications such as bridges.
– Agriculture and farming equipment
– Transport systems, high flow surfaces in material handling systems, conveyors
– Welded structures
– In hydropower systems
– Sugar beet processing
– Exhaust gas ducts or chimneys
– Refinery equipment

Find our SOLEIL™ 4003 Data Sheet here.