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MPE Ltd Announcement: Our New 16,000 sq. ft. Facility is Now Open in Swansea

We’re excited to announce that our new 16,000 sq. ft facility is now open and operational in Swansea, South Wales. Now with two units, MPE continue to be a driving force in the stainless steel finishing industry.

With the assistance of new 15 Tn and 5 Tn crane systems, we have the capability to handle almost any requirement for pickle & passivation. Conforming to nuclear and food grade standards, our services are assisting a variety of industries with their stainless steel requirements and specifications.

As well as a greatly improved pickle and passivation department, our new facility will incorporate the full use of a brand new ultra-high pressure washer and additional electropolishing facilities.

With an ever-expanding workforce and capacity, MPE are excited to be on the forefront of development and sustainability in the stainless steel industry.

Michael Owen