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Microwave Safe Stainless Steel Food Containers

Traditionally, food containers made of metal have been prohibited from being used in microwave ovens due to electrical arc’ing inside the ovens. Today it is easy to find microwave-safe stainless steel food containers in a variety of locations, including selling platforms like Amazon.

You can find stainless steel containers in various capacities ranging from 300ml to 1100ml with the most popular products offering around 900ml of capacity.

Most stainless steel containers are made of 304 grade (18/8 stainless), and their corners are specially designed so that they do not cause problems when used in a microwave oven. The safe use of these products is now guaranteed by many research organizations. These microwave safe stainless steel food containers are now being sold in the United States and Europe. If you’ve been hesitant about using stainless steel containers for cold food, don’t worry!

You can now safely use stainless steel containers for reheating your lunch or takeaway foods instead of single use food containers made from less resilient materials. However, please note that not all stainless steel containers in existence can be used in a microwave ovens, so be sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions before use.