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BSSA Spring Forum – 11/05/17

Richard Blackmore, East Midlands Regional Director, CBI

Jim Lennon, Managing Director of Red Door Research

Robert Fig, Robert Fig Limited


BSSA Conference 2016 – Stainless Steel in Architecture, Building and Infrastructure

Nancy Baddoo – Recent market development initiatives for structural stainless steel

Catherine Houska – The Future of Sustainable Construction – Resource Preservation & Stainless Steel

Steven Jones – The benefits of using stainless steel rebar

Nicole Kinsman – Stainless steel service pipe prevents water leaks

Markus Moll – Urbanisation – A Global Megatrend with Opportunitiesfor Stainless Steel

Mariana Perez de Oliveira – Ferritic stainless steels with niobium in ABC segment in Brazil

John Rowe – Stainless Steel in Architecture, Building and Infrastructure

Joern Teipel – New Developments on Stainless Steel Façades – Reflectance, Corrosion and Aesthetics


BSSA Forum 26/03/15

The Flat-rolled outlook: UK, Europe, and beyond – Alistair Ramsay, Research Manager, Metal Bulletin Research

The Market for Stainless Steel Long Products – Alina Racu, Market Analyst, SMI – Steel Market Intelligence GmbH


BSSA Centenary Conference 2013

John Rowe – Opening Presentation to The Harry Brearley Centenary Conference

David Dulieu – In the Beginning, The Early Development of the British Stainless Steels Industry

John Beeley – Sheffield: World Class Centre for Stainless Steelmaking

Andy Backhouse – Challenges for the Stainless Steel Industry in Nuclear Applications

Michael Preuss – Nuclear Materials – The challenge to make components last longer

Clare T. Lukehurst – Stainless steel: its future in the development of biogas plants

Catherine Houska – The Global Potential: Stainless Steel in Sustainable Architecture

Graham Gedge – Stainless Steel In Construction 

Murray Adair – Stainless Steel Reinforcing Bar – The First 5 Years

Peter McDermott – Use of Stainless Steels in Infrastructure

Matthew Green – High Strength Stainless Steels for Aerospace Applications

Peter Cutler – Stainless Steel on the Railways

Françoise Valentin – Stainless Long Steelʹs role in Sustainable Mobility

Neil Hargate – A day in the life of stainless 1913-2013: Here’s to the next 100 years!

Edward Kershaw – Superconducting Magnets (made easy with stainless steel)

Bryan Peters – Alloy Selection for High Temperature Applications

Sonal Fricker – An Introduction to Tidal Power – The Challenges and Opportunities

Markus Moll – The Next 100 Years: From Volume to Value

Mick Steeper – Stainless Steel – Future Process Technologies and Potential Applications

Iain Todd – What Next? An Inaccurate Guide to the future of metallurgy and materials processing


BSSA Forum 21/03/13

Access to Resources – The next big supply chain challenge? – Susanne Baker, Senior climate & environment policy advisor, EEF


BSSA Forum 26/04/12

The Stainless Market Outlook – Alistair Ramsay, Principal Consultant, Stainless Steel, CRU

Construction Industry Forecasts 2012-2016 – Dr Noble Francis, Economics Director, CPA

Stainless Steel Outlook 2012 – Vera Blei, Steel Editor, Metal Bulletin

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