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BSSA Competition Law Compliance Statement

This statement is to be read out prior to all meetings called and controlled by BSSA personnel. All meetings should have an agenda which should be circulated in advance. It is the responsibility of the BSSA employee to ensure that the agenda is adhered to and to prepare and circulate minutes of the discussions. In addition, the BSSA employee should draw any concerns regarding the propriety of discussions to the Chairman of the meeting and, if necessary, the meeting should be discontinued.

Members should also be cautioned to avoid ad-hoc discussions outside the formal meeting.

A protocol has been established whereby all individuals booking for an event or similar (rather than a formal meeting chaired by the BSSA) have their attention drawn to our compliance statement at the point of booking confirmation.

“The British Stainless Steel Association is committed to full compliance with relevant competition or antitrust laws. Members are reminded that it is an offence under UK and EU competition law to use this meeting to collude in anti-competitive behaviour or to share or announce information that could influence the market behaviour of competitors.  Amongst other things, members are required not to announce or signal price intentions or to attempt to influence the commercial policy of other members.”

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