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BSSA Board Members

The Board of the BSSA

The Board comprises 14 directors drawn from member companies of different types. The intention is that they represent the broad scope of membership, using their general expertise, but also specific expertise relevant to their product, sector or service provision. Two Board members are “co-opted”, that is to say, not from member companies. Co-opted members can bring additional expertise from related industrial sectors or from, for example, academia.

The Chairman of the Board is elected for a 2 year period and is normally succeeded by the Vice Chairman. Directors serve a 3 year period but can then apply for re-election (1 year in the case of a co-opted member). All elections are formalised at the Annual General Meeting.

The Board meets three times per year and takes responsibility for the Governance of the BSSA and for the direction of strategy. The Board will confirm or otherwise applications from new potential members and will decide on the levels of membership fees for each calendar year.