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Marcegagalia adapts specialty steel products price list

Italian re-roller Marcegaglia is updating its price list for stainless and specialty tube products, Kallanish learns from a company representative. The new list is being distributed to customers this week.

The company is decreasing values for some products, such as certain 316 grades, after prices reached unsustainable levels. It has also updated other grades in line with today’s stainless coil lower values.

“The new list is adapted to today’s market conditions and in line with the raw material trend,” says Marcegaglia Specialties purchasing and sales director Egidio Bini.

The new price list will be based on effective prices as the company will stop quoting base plus alloy surcharge values. Hot and cold rolled coil mills in Europe are also quoting effective prices after abandoning the old base plus alloy surcharge formula, Kallanish notes.

European stainless flat steel market deadlock deepened in May as apparent demand has been non-existent and real demand weak. Orders for coils and derivatives such as sheet and tube continue to be placed only for a few hundred tonnes, with prices plummeting across Europe. Overcapacity, lower consumption and descending prices throughout the entire value chain are causing the current low sales volumes, with buyers continuing to adopt a wait-and-see attitude.

Natalia Capra France